Founded in 2002, Fort Collins Reads, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, has worked to connect neighbors through literature and speaking engagements with some of the nation’s most recognized authors. As one of the longest-running community reads programs, we’ve proudly featured everything from staples of young adult fiction (Lois Lowry’s The Giver) to Pulitzer-winning authors (Jennifer Egan’s Manhattan Beach). Titles are selected in hope of sparking conversations and addressing issues relevant to local and national issues, from homelessness to immigration.

While the author presentation, held annually in the fall, is the cornerstone of the event, Fort Collins Reads hopes to ignite interest in literacy and dialogue, be it through essay contests, community author selections and book-club guides.  



Fort Collins Reads seeks to strengthen the community through reading and the civil discussion of challenging topics for the annual one book city read. Fort Collins Reads is organized to promote understanding, diversity, and tolerance by breaking barriers among people and cultures through literary means.


Who Is Fort Collins Reads?

The  Fort Collins Reads’ Committee:

  • Teresa Steele

  • Marty Marsh
  • Beth Kopp
  • Susan Wilmer
  • Judy Sayre Grim
  • Currie Meyer

  • Melissa Mika
  • Anna Olsen