Panel Discussion

Fort Collins Reads Panel Discussion

Sept. 25, 7 p.m.
Harmony Library

Join us for Fort Collins Reads’ 2018 panel discussion. Inspired by Anna’s pioneering efforts to become an underwater welder in Manhattan Beach, this year’s discussion gives the floor to women who have found success in predominantly male careers.  Focusing on professionals and blue-collar workers alike, the event gives insight to the tenacity of some of Fort Collins’ most successful women.

Panel Line-up

Kelly Fahrlander: Kelly has been a PFA firefighter for three years. She also spent 12 years working for an engineering firm doing petroleum spill remediation at pipeline terminals and gas stations in Wyoming.

Val Kailburn: Val is the Chief Creative Officer and Founder of Old Town Media. She is responsible for day to day management of the office, leadership planning, and team and HR support.

Jill Baron: Jill is an ecosystem ecologist with the US Geological Survey. She is interested in using quantitative science to protect and manage natural resources, especially those of mountain regions.

Gabrielle Nieto: Gabrielle is a graduate of Front Range Community College and a full time engineering service technician at Forney Industries. As well as an adjunct welding instructor by night at FRCC. She has been in the welding industry for a little under 4 years and have loved every moment of it.

About the Panel Discussion

One consideration made when choosing selections is the book’s ability to spark discussion among the community. Each year, our panel discussion helps localize the book’s themes as well as provide a direct link to the book’s subject matter in Northern Colorado.

Marty Marsh, Fort Collins Reads, facilitator; Jill Baron,US Geological Survey; Kelly Fahrlander, Poudre Fire Authority; and Val Kailburn, OTM
Photo by Scott Marsh

Photo by Scott Marsh